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Gas Monitor News

RKI Given Exception to Operate

As a result of the COVID-19 situation, RKI is focused on doing everything we can to continue meeting the gas detection needs of our customers.  Alameda […]

GX-6000 Benzene Specific PID 6 Gas Monitor in use

Benzene Specific PID Now Available

The GX-6000 is a game changer and it just changed the game again with the Benzene Specific measuring mode. With the addition of the more […]

PID Sensor

11.7eV PID sensor now available with GX-6000 multi-gas monitor

RKI is excited to announce the availability of our latest PID sensor with an 11.7 eV lamp. The 11.7 PID sensor is ideal for monitoring […]


Confined Space

Confined Space

RKI is proud to offer the smallest and lightest 4-gas monitor in the world, the GX-2009. Weighing only 4.6 ounces, it fits in the palm […]

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Fire and Hazmat

Fire Hazmat Gas Detectors

Illegal Drug Labs Put Responders At Risk Customer Type: Police Departments, Drug Task Force Agents, Fire Departments Application Description: Fire Hazmat Gas Detectors for pre-Entry […]

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Biogas Monitoring

Biogas Monitoring

RKI is proud to introduce our Digester Gas Monitor. Gas from waste digesters contains high levels of methane, CO2, and H2S, with little to no […]

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Marine Oil Tankers

Marine Oil / LNG / LPG / Bulk Carriers

Oil tankers and LPG carriers Monitoring For Inert Spaces Application An inert space is one that has been purged with engine exhaust, nitrogen, or other […]

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Gas Monitor

Nitrogen Storage Monitoring in Hospitals

The Issue: Hospitals use and store large quantities of industrial and medical gas cylinders and containers; one common container is for liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen […]

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Lease Automatic Custody Transfer

LACT Units

LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) When liquid crude is pumped to the surface it is stored in tank batteries waiting for sale to oil companies […]

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