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Explosion-proof Gas Calorimeter OHC-800

March 31, 2023

The world’s only gas calorimeter with high accuracy, continuous measurement, and high speed response (T90 within 5 seconds)

About OHC-800

• Improve Combustion efficiency

• High-speed response / Stable calorific values

• Low maintenance costs

All in one explosion-proof gas calorimeter which features high accuracy, continuous measurement and high-speed response. Address all Gas Calorimeter challenges with the OHC-800!

Continuous measurement

Measurement data can be updated every 0.25 seconds, a feature which is not possible with gas chromatography. Robust design for all measurement environments eliminates the risk of measurement outages.

Comparison data of OHC-800 and GC measurements of fuel gas containing nitrogen. OHC-800 has the same high accuracy as the gas chromatograph, furthermore OHC-800 will perform continuous measurement, rapid change tracking without affected by N2, which is not able to be observed by GC.

High-Speed Response and More

T90 Fast response time of less than 5 seconds. Responding to sudden changes in calorific value.

  • High trackability
  • Low running cost due to very low maintenance
  • Robust product structure
  • Multi layer durable design
  • Various measurement gas types
  • Space saving
  • Unit set-up can be customized to individual customer requirements

High accuracy

By combining an optical sensor and a sound velocity sensor to perform unique calculations, the system is not affected by interference from gases that do not have heat content, such as N2, CO2, and O2.
OIML R140 Class A equivalent (currently under application)


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