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Fixed Gas Detection Turnkey Solutions

Who designs, installs, and maintains your fixed systems gas monitoring systems?

RKI provides a complete package of fixed systems gas detection — wired and wire-free. Offering site assessments, design, construction, start-up, installation, system maintenance, and comprehensive training. RKI is a turnkey provider of innovative fixed monitoring systems.

Design, Consultations, and Engineering

Our technical fixed gas detection representatives are ready to help you design the safest and most cost-effective fixed gas detection system possible. RKI’s qualified fixed system specialists can set up a virtual meeting or visit your facility to identify your exact hazards, determine site-specific requirements, and offer the optimal fixed system solution.

Professional engineering staff works hand in hand with our customers to design systems that meet all client requirements and ensure compliance with local and federal regulations.exact hazards, determine site-specific requirements and offer the optimal fixed system solution.


RKI’s certified technicians and select partners can install the equipment in its entirety. Turn-key means you never have to touch a screwdriver. RKI and select partners can do it all – explosion proof, non-explosion proof, hang conduit, pull wiring, use advanced relay logic, programming, connect ancillary equipment, low voltage, high voltage, calibrations, etc.


RKI or select partner confirms wire termination, programs system per customer’s requirements, calibrates, tests relay function, and trains end user.


RKI or select partner’s professional instructors are ready to provide you and your team training designed for your specific products and application.  Training can include programming, calibration, testing relay logic, and maintenance.

System Maintenance

Let RKI help you develop a plan to maintain your fixed gas detection system to keep you OSHA compliant. From calibration to relay functions, we can help make sure your fixed gas detection system does what it is intended to do—SAVE LIVES.

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