Gas Detection FAQs

What Does HC GAS LIST LIMITED mean on the GX-3R (Pro)?

Can a catalytic bead sensor cause combustion?

Where should a fixed gas detector sensor be mounted?

Can RKI’s docking stations centralize data to one network location?

Why can’t I reset the calibration date on my GX-2003?

Is hydrocarbon leak detection required?

Why is the LEL important in combustible gas detection?

How Can I Get a Calibration Certificate?

Can the GX-2012 monitor 100% volume methane?

What are the benefits of a Direct Connect Sensor?

What’s the difference between Explosion Proof & Intrinsically Safe?

What is a Dilution Fitting?

How often should I calibrate my gas monitor?

What is the difference between Catalytic & Infrared?

Do Calibration Gases Have a Shelf Life?

What is %LEL and %UEL

What is the difference between the GX-2012 and GasTracer?

What vertical position should I install an oxygen gas detector?

How do you read the date codes on sensors?

How do You Monitor Inert Atmospheres?

Eagle 2 FAQs

Which VOC compounds can the Eagle 2 detect with its PID sensor?

Do the RKI Eagle and Eagle 2 Portable Gas Monitors Confirm to EPA Method 21 Performance Criteria?

When is a dilution fitting needed on an Eagle/Eagle 2 monitor?

What is the data-logging capacity of the Eagle 2?

Do I need to have batteries in the Eagle 2 during continuous operation mode?

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