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VDC Charger for GX-Force – Now Available

December 18, 2023

The 12 VDC charger for the GX-Force is currently available and in stock, providing a convenient and reliable power solution while on the road. With a 12-volt DC input, it’s ideal for use in vehicles, making it perfect for charging before and after your gas detection tasks. The charger is equipped with a vehicle DC plug on one side and a USB-C plug on the other to plug into the GX-Force’s USB-C charging and data port.

Ordering information:

49-2022  DC Adapter, with vehicle plug and 4ft cable, 12-24 VDC in, 5.0 VCD out, charger for GX-Force

49-0139   AC Adapter, 100-240 VAC in, 5.0 VDC 3A out, USB-C connection, charger for GX-Force

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