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Training Classes

Service and Repair Classes

Service classes are available to all current RKI Distributors and have been designed to provide a high level of technical training to enhance the abilities of service personnel who are responsible for maintaining and calibrating RKI products.

See Training Class FAQ for cost and more information below.

2023 Schedule:

  • Nov. 14-16, 2023 at RKI, Union City, CA

Seats will be limited for these classes, please enroll as soon as possible. RKI encourages each student to bring one of their own instruments to use during the troubleshooting portion of the class.

Hands-on instruction:

  • Basic instrument operation
  • Calibration
  • Instrument programming and setup
  • Sensor scrubber replacement
  • Pump replacement and sample system maintenance
  • Battery maintenance and replacement
  • PCB replacement
  • Setup of critical voltages and settings
  • Basic system troubleshooting
  • Review of sensor operation
  • Discussion of sensor date codes

Instruments covered:

  • SC-04 & 04 Series
  • GX-3R
  • GX-3R Pro
  • GX-2012
  • GX-6000
  • EAGLE 2
  • T2A / T3A / VOC Pro
  • S2 Series and M2A Series
  • GD-70D
  • Beacon Controllers
  • AirLink Wireless Fixed Systems Overview

Each Student will get valuable, hands-on training on basic repairs and trouble shooting techniques with the instruments listed above.

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