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Gas Detection for Oil And Gas

Oil and Gas can present multiple gas hazards, which makes gas detection and monitoring crucial.

Gas Detections Solutions for Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas work is notoriously dangerous. By preventing workers from coming into contact with these extremely dangerous exposures, RKI’s gas monitoring solutions ensure a safe working environment for all stages of the Oil and Gas industry.

  • Upstream oil and gas enterprises have to deal with a range of hazardous gases, from explosive to toxic vapours, or both. With operations covering exploration and drilling for potential oil and gas sources, and the recovery and production of crude oil and natural gas, upstream operations are wide ranging.
  • Midstream processes encompass the storage, processing and transportation of fuel products. Raw products are held in storage areas until they are needed for the next process, or to be transported to a refinery. Maintaining the integrity of storage and transportation vessels, as well as protecting personnel during cleaning, purging and filling activities are constant challenges within the midstream sector.
  • Downstream processes involve the conversion of these resources into the finished products as required and are used at the end point of the oil and gas process. Products such as jet fuel, diesel fuel, asphalt and petroleum coke are created through the refinement and processing activities, which are then distributed for sale.

World Leader in Gas Detection and Sensor Technologies

RKI is partnered with Riken Keiki Company, Ltd., the world leader in gas detection and sensor technologies. Celebrating over 80 years in the gas detection business, Riken has over 150,000 points of detection world wide in the semiconductor industry alone. RKI is the exclusive North American supplier of Riken products.

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