Connected worker safety with smallest portable multi 5 gas detector

Connected Worker Solution

Connect your GX-3R Pro to the Cloud

Live gas readings and alerts where and when they matter

  • Automate critical safety alerts and incident management
  • Stay connected to keep workers and equipment safe and productive
  • Centralize instrument data
  • Geofencing
  • Image & video media gallery
  • Safety Control Center dashboard
  • Lone worker feature with or without gas detection
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2-Way Communication via Cell Phone App

  • Text Message
  • Voice Message
  • Video Conference
  • Push to Talk


Connection Path

Safety Control Center (SCC)


Critical Alerts

6 Alert Types

  • Gas Alarms
  • Phone SOS
  • Panic Alarm From Instrument
  • Fall Detection
  • Motionless Alert
  • Lone Worker Missed Check In


Instrument Data Management


Image & Video Media Gallery

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