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Gas Detection for Semiconductor Manufacturing Plants

January 13, 2023

RKI Instruments offers an extensive line of gas detection alarm systems for use in semiconductor manufacturing plants. With the growth of the semiconductor market, RKI’s partner, RIKEN KEIKI, has developed over 600 types of gas sensors covering new and desired target gases (principle × gas × concentration). The long-selling GD-70D has a lineup of more than 260 types, supporting detection of a variety of gases. The only manufacturer that can comply with TLV-TWA 5ppm COS.

GD-70D Gas Detector

Can be used in all manner of semiconductor manufacturing processes

Custom-ordered sensor development and sensitivity surveys are also possible.

Even if you require a gas type or detection range that is not in our sensor lineup, gas sensitivity survey using existing sensors is possible. This enables us to provide custom-made sensors for our customers. Since gas sensitivity surveys are essentially free*, please feel free to contact us, although it is for a pilot lines or just a single-line to small start.

Fixed gas detector

Fixed-type gas detectors can be used for checking the safety of the environmental atmosphere in which the worker is working and also for detecting gas leaks from manufacturing facilities and equipment. Its compact design allows for a smaller installation space.

Transportable gas detector

Transportable gas detectors are compact and can be used to detect gas wherever a commercial power outlet is available.

FP-300 Chemical tape method for
speciality gases

Portable (Personal) Gas Detectors

Portable (Personal) detectors enhance workplace safety when worn by workers. They are also suitable for safety management with objective numerical values, from checking residual gas before maintenance, securing safety during work and checking the seal status of piping joints (unions). In the event of a gas leak, they can also be used to identify where the leakage is from.

SP-220 For leak detection

SC-8000 Extensive detection gas lineup GX-6000 For VOC gas detection

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