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Flare Stack BTU monitor for new EPA Standards, Oil and Natural Gas

September 20, 2023

flare stackThe EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) has published amendments to Refinery Sector Rule RSR 40 CFR Part 60 affecting flares; refineries must bring flares into compliance with new ‘Requirements for Flare Control Devices’. [EPA-HQ-OAR-2021-0317; FRL-8510-04-OAR] RIN 2060-AV16. Standards of performance for new, reconstructed, and modified sources and emissions guidelines for existing sources: Oil and Natural Gas Sector Climate Review.

The new requirements for flare operating limits:

  • Combustion zone net heating value (NHVCZ)
  • Dilution net heating value (NHVdil)
  • Flare tip exit velocity
  • Pilot flame presence
  • Visible emissions that specifies an NHVCZ minimum operating limit of 270 BTU/scf, based on a 15 minute block period.

NHVCZ can be calculated by measuring the net heating value of the vent gas (NHVVG), making flue gas analysis a vital part of any compliance strategy. If the NHVCZ approaches 270 BTU/scf, additional fuel gas such as propane or natural gas must be added. This may then require the addition of steam to the flare, to avoid the production of visible emissions. The analysis of flare gases presents a series of challenges to the processing industries.

RKI’s Solution

OHC-800 Gas Calorimeter

The OHC-800 is an all-in-one explosion-proof gas calorimeter that is also certified as an “OIML-R140 accuracy class A” compliant heat measuring device. It addresses all challenges of gas calorimeters and is designed to withstand harsh measurement environments, with features such as explosion-proof design and operating temperature range of -20°C to +57°C.

  • Accuracy better than +/- 2% is achieved
  • Wide range 600BTU/ft3 to 3000BTU/ft3 enables to monitor 800BTU/ft3. (extended ranges and custom ranges available per customer request)
  • Non-destructive gas monitoring (no requirements for large quantities of combustion air)
  • Minimize Downtime by replacing modular units
  • Generates 4 data points per second. Allows customers to multiplex the analyzer to multiple flares.
  • Low sample amount of target gas (300ml/min), not regarded as a source emission. Can be vented to atmosphere or incinerated with a TracErase.
  • Fast and Easy startup, less than 1 hour.
OHC-800 Explosion-proof gas calorimeter

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