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Emergency Stop Device


  • Relay version: contacts for user – supplied solenoid valve<
  • Pneumatic version: 3-way solenoid valve for user-supplied pneumatic valve
  • Easily accessible button that cuts power to solenoid valve contacts (relay version) or depressurizes line between E-STOP and pneumatically connected device (pneumatic version) when pushed
  • Stack light that indicates E-STOP button’s status:
    — Green = button not pressed (normal operation)
    — Red = button pressed or activated by external relay
  • All versions have contacts available for wiring to a normally open, normally energized relay (like a controller relay). If that relay trips, power to the solenoid valve contacts is cut (relay version) or the line between the E-STOP and a pneumatically connected device depressurizes (pneumatic version)
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The RKI Emergency Stop (E-STOP) system is a versatile emergency stop device that can be activated either manually or by the activation or deactivation of a relay on a gas detection controller or other device. A highly visible, clearly marked push-button can be pressed to stop a process or shut off a valve, or the same action can occur automatically by the opening of relay contacts in a controller which the E-STOP can be connected to. To restart the process or re-open the closed valve, the E-STOP push-button can be turned clockwise to reset. It can also be reset by the gas alarm condition clearing and resetting its alarm relay, either by auto reset if desired, or by manual reset of the gas alarm or other alarming device.

There are 2 styles of E-STOP available; one with a relay that can be used to activate an external valve or process, and another that has a self draining pneumatic valve which can be used to open or close an external valve. Both styles are available in either a 24 VDC version or a 115 VAC version. All are provided inside a wall mounting NEMA 4X enclosure so they can be installed in a harsh environment.

The E-STOP had a large red and green light stack mounted on top. The green light will be on if the E-STOP is operating properly and is not activated. The red light will activate if the E-STOP button is pressed or if an external controller has activated a shutdown.

The E-STOP represents the latest leading edge technology in fixed gas detection today.

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  • Manual or automatic shutoff of a gas valve.
  • Manual or automatic shutoff of a process.
  • Combined with a gas detection controller to provide automatic shutoff.


24 VDC Relay

115 VAC Relay

24 VDC Pneumatic

115 VAC Pneumatic


18.8” H x 8.1” W x 7.2” D


4.6 lbs

5.1 lbs

6.12 lbs

6.6 lbs

Input Power

24 VDC

115 VAC

24 VDC

115 VAC

Relay Contact Rating

• 15A at 120 VAC

• 12A at 28 VDC


Pressure Rating for

“In” / “Out” Parts


160 psi

Housing Construction

• PBT / PC blend


Stack Light




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