Learn more about the RP-3R Sample Draw Pump for GX-3R (Pro) provided by RKI Instruments.

RP-3R Sample Draw Pump

GX-3R Pro with sample draw pump
rp 3r sample draw pump top view
rp 3r sample draw pump
rp3r sample draw pump
Attachable Motorized Sample Drawing Pump for GX-3R (Pro)


  • Attaches to the GX-3R in seconds(RP-3R Pro for the GX-3R Pro)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 10 hours of operation in normal mode (higher flow mode)
  • 16 hours of operation in lower-flow mode (ECO mode)
  • Audible and visual alarms for low flow and low battery conditions
  • Pilot light to confirm operation
  • Quick disconnect fitting for hose connection
  • Hoses available up to 100′ length
  • Includes 4″ tapered red rubber nozzle, AA alkaline battery, and hydrophobic filters
  • Rugged and proven RKI reliability
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