Connected Lone Worker

Open Platform of Industrial Wearables


Live Gas Readings & Alerts

More than a billion workers are out on their own for part or all of their workday, with no colleagues to help in an emergency or to collaborate on a task.


The GX-3RPro Connected Worker Solution helps these workers get the job done with greater ease and helps ensure they return home safely. Now you can protect, support and collaborate with your team – no matter where they are. Receive alarm notifications from field operators so immediate action is taken when seconds matter.

Automate critical safety alerts and incident management

  • Initiate EMS response in seconds
  • Proactive safety via operator
    SOS trigger, check-ins, fall detection alerts
  • Notification engine alerts via text, email, phone call and desktop

Stay connected to
keep workers safe and productive

  • Full audio/video communications, plus text-to-speech alerts
  • Real-time location awareness with gas readings
  • Communicate in teams with push-to-talk (PTT)

Centralize instrument data

  • Quickly identify non compliant gas monitors
  • Review instrument calibration and bump history
  • Identify maintenance issues before they occur
  • Drill down on incident or gas exposure data

How it Works

Connected workers are continually visible – with location, status and walk path. Automated, configurable check in, based on task, location and more.

Open platform for expanded solutions

The RKI Instruments Gas Detection Connected Worker Solution runs on the Guardhat Platform – a purpose-built IIoT platform designed for the people who make, power and move industrial operations and the world around us. With an expanding ecosystem of device and software integrations, the Guardhat Platform allows for flexible, scalable deployments. Tie the platform into existing software – to trigger incident records – or an expanding array of hardware such as biometric bands, AR glasses, smart hardhats and more. Solutions include:

Get live GPS location and gas readings for all workers from the Safety Control Center (SCC), to help ensure safety without burdening workers on the job.

Create on demand geo fencing for restricting access to a target area or to create a muster point to account for personnel. Leverage walk path reports to investigate incident root-cause, conduct safety audits, mine data for operational improvements with heat maps and bread crumbs.

RKI and GuardHat Alliance

“Connecting our personal gas monitors into the Guardhat platform will provide our customers with a more immediate awareness of the dangers facing their workers” said Bob Pellissier, president of RKI Instruments. “Gas exposure information is translated into real-time alerts and location awareness beyond the worker, to internal support teams or EMS personnel for immediate, preventative intervention as well as PPE compliance. This data is crucial for worker safety, but also provides capabilities to manage fleets of instruments.”

About Guardhat
Guardhat is pioneering connected technology to improve safety and collaboration with and among frontline industrial workers. The company offers a proprietary connected worker platform – unrivaled in its ability to ingest, manage and analyze unstructured data; easy to deploy monitoring and reporting software; cutting-edge, wearable technology; and a growing ecosystem of partner integrations. With Guardhat, companies can monitor worker location, health and work environment to speed reaction time and help proactively solve safety challenges. Guardhat is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and operates globally. The company holds 13 patents in real time location systems, wearable solution design and connected worker software. For more information, visit: