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New E-STOP for Fixed Systems

February 1, 2022

Emergency Stop
RKI is pleased to introduce the E-STOP. The Emergency Stop system is a versatile device that can be triggered manually or by activating a normally open, normally energized relay contact on a gas detection controller or other device.

  • Relay version: contacts for user – supplied solenoid valve
  • Pneumatic version: 3-way solenoid valve for user-supplied pneumatic valve
  • Easily accessible button that cuts power to solenoid valve contacts (relay version) or depressurizes line between E-STOP and pneumatically connected device (pneumatic version) when pushed
  • Stack light that indicates E-STOP button’s status:
    • — Green = button not pressed (normal operation)
    • — Red = button pressed or activated by external relay
  • All versions have contacts available for wiring to a normally open, normally energized relay (like a controller relay). If that relay trips, power to the solenoid valve contacts is cut (relay version) or the line between the E-STOP and a pneumatically connected device depressurizes (pneumatic version)

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