RP-2009 Sample Draw Pump for GX-2009 Gas Detector by RKI Instruments

RP-2009 Sample Draw Pump

RP-2009 motorized sample draw pump

Remote Sample Drawing Pump for GX-2009


  • Attaches to GX-2009 gas monitor in seconds
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong motorized pump operates from one AA battery for 8 hours
  • Audible and visual alarms for low flow and low battery
  • Pilot light to confirm operation
  • Quick disconnect fitting for hose connection
  • Hoses available up to 30’ length
  • Includes probe with visible dust filter
  • Rugged and proven RKI reliability
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Remote Sample Drawing Pump for GX-2009. The RP-2009 is housed in a rugged plastic case with a quick disconnect fitting for hose attachment, and it is provided with a hose and probe. Standard hose length is 10 feet, and lengths up to 30 feet are available. Then probe is equipped with an internal dust filter and clear body for easy viewing. The RP-2009 will operate for up to 5 hours on one AA battery. The pump quickly and firmly snaps over the sensor area of the GX-2009 gas monitor, and removes easily when sampling is completed. No tools are required.


The GX-2009 is the smallest 4 gas portable monitor in the world. The RP-2009 is a compact, battery operated, motorized sample drawing pump which attaches to the GX-2009 to change it from diffusion operation to sample drawing operation. Together the model RP-2009 pump assembly and the GX-2009 gas monitor make a complete solution for confined space entry.


The GX-2009 is designed around RKI’s compact and proven sensors, utilizing catalytic combustion, electrochemical and galvanic sensor technologies. Each miniaturized sensor is manufactured with the same high quality control that has made RKI sensors and instruments the most reliable and long lasting monitoring devices in the industry.

Pump Specifications:

Power Supply

AA size alkaline battery (1 each)

Continuous Operation

More than 8 hours at 20° C

Operating Temperature & Humidity

-10° C ~ +40° C, 0 – 95% RH

Outer Dimensions & Weight

1.3” (D) x 1.3” (W) x 5.3” (H), (hose and probe not included)

approximately 105g (including alkaline battery)

Sampling Flow Rate

0.5 liters per minute

Low Flow Alarm

Blinking red LED and audible alarm

Low Battery Alarm

Blinking red LED and audible alarm


Includes built in dust & hydrophobic filters. Probe also has a dust filter.

Sample Range

30 feet maximum

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