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11.7eV PID sensor now available with GX-6000 multi-gas monitor

October 4, 2016

PID Sensor
rki employee workingRKI is excited to announce the availability of our latest PID sensor with an 11.7 eV lamp. The 11.7 PID sensor is ideal for monitoring gases such as carbon tetrachloride, acrylonitrile, chloroform, methanol, and refrigerants (R-143, R-132A).

The GX-6000 is the first and only multi-gas instrument with an 11.7 PID sensor option. Traditional solutions include a single gas monitor with an 11.7 PID sensor. If there are other requirements like confined space safety, a second instrument would be required. Now the GX-6000 provides the flexibility to configure an instrument for multiple applications. This reduces the need to purchase separate instruments for specific applications.

The GX-6000 is also the only instrument available with the ability to have 2 separate PID sensors within one instrument. As a six gas configuration, the GX-6000 can include the standard 4 confined space gases, and have 2 smart sensor slots available to plug and play from any of the GX-6000’s four PID sensor options (10.6 low range, 10.6 high range, 10.0 with Benzene specific, or the new 11.7 PID sensor).

Ordering info:
Below is a link to the current price list for the GX-6000. On the price configurator page of the price list, there is a new sensor slot letter option for the 11.7 PID sensor, letter Y, which includes an 11.7 PID sensor added to a GX-6000 as well as a dehumidifier filter,
a charcoal filter, and a cleaning kit.

If you are interested in upgrading an already purchased GX-6000, a sensor upgrade kit is available, part # 75-0040 for $2,200, which also includes the dehumidifier filter, the charcoal filter and cleaning kit. An already purchased instrument will require a firmware update in order to accept the new 11.7 PID sensor. Call RKI technical support for instruction on this firmware update. It is recommended that instruments be returned to RKI for upgrade. Instruments will be reprogrammed at no charge, and charges will only apply to the purchase of the PID adder or any other repairs needed.

GX-6000 Gas Monitor

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