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LACT Units

September 30, 2016

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer
LACT (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer)
When liquid crude is pumped to the surface it is stored in tank batteries waiting for sale to oil companies or pipeline transmission companies such as Enbridge Corporation.

The liquid is pumped through a skid mounted LACT Unit and measured before it is either trucked or piped away from the point of production. The skids are susceptible to leaking combustibles and H2S and must be monitored. If the LACT unit is in an enclosed shelter, O2 monitoring may be required as well.

Typically the skids are owned or leased by the seller (production company) at the point of sale – not far from the wellhead itself. They are generally owned by the production company. Be aware of these when talking to prospective production companies. Also, ask and seek out the manufactures of these LACT units for possible OEM arrangements.

Customer Type
Oil & Gas Industry

RKI’s Solution
RKI has a broad offering of fixed system detector heads and controllers that allows for considerable flexibility to meet the needs of our customers. Typically, an S2, M2 or direct connect sensor will feed into a controller that will initiate a response. If a strobe or beacon light are to be used, it is necessary to mount those high enough that it will be seen from all sides.

The M2 or S2 can send a 4-20mA signal into a controller or PLC. The M2 can be used as a stand alone monitor initiating its own response with its internal relays. It also has a display of real time gas concentrations. A feature of the M2 and S2 is that the sensors can be mounted in a location that is not easily accessible for maintenance, then the transmitter itself placed where it is convenient to calibrate.

These products are well suited for the rugged conditions and extreme temperatures that they will be exposed to.

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