RI-600 Standalone Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Monitor by RKI Instruments

RI-600 CO2 Gas Monitor

RI-600 Low Alarm
RI-600 High Alarm

Stand Alone Carbon Dioxide Monitor


  • Operates with or without a controller
  • Long life NDIR sensor
  • Large easy to read digital display
  • Two power options: 115 VAC, 24 VDC
  • Compact wall mount design
  • Tri-color visual alarm display
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RI-600 High AlarmRI-600 Low AlarmRI-600Ox 600 oxygen deficiency detector on wallRKI’s Model RI-600 measures carbon dioxide in the air. The RI-600 displays the measured carbon dioxide concentration on the LCD. If a high level of CO2 is present, the user is notified by an audible alarm tone and the multicolored LCD digital display. The monitor outputs an analog 4~20mA signal and gas alarm relay contacts open or close when the carbon dioxide concentration rises above preset alarm set point.

The Model RI-600 applies Non-Dispersive Infrared Ray Absorption (NDIR) technology to detect CO2. The infrared beam emitted from the light source passes through the gas cell and reaches the IR sensor. When CO2 enters the gas cell, the amount of infrared energy received by the IR sensor decreases since the infrared energy emitted from the IR source is absorbed by the CO2. This decreased energy is detected by the IR sensor and is displayed as a gas concentration. An optical band pass filter in front of the IR sensor passes the CO2’s absorption wave length. Power options are 115 VAC or 24 VDC. The RI-600 has two preset alarms, and comes ready to operate with a simple wall mount bracket and 10 foot power cord.

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Model RI-600 Specifications
Detection Principle Non-Dispersive Infrared
Gas Detected Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Detection Range 0 – 2,000 ppm 0 – 5,000 ppm 0 – 10,000 ppm 0 – 2% Vol. 0 – 5% Vol.
Display Resolution 0 – 2,000 ppm: 1 ppm 0 – 2,000 ppm: 1 ppm
2,000 – 10,000 ppm: 10 ppm
0 – 2% Vol.: 0.005% Vol. 0 – 2% Vol.: 0.005% Vol.
0 – 5% Vol.: 0.010% Vol.
Alarm Points (adjustable) 1st: 1,000 ppm

2nd: 2,000 ppm

1st: 1,000 ppm

2nd: 5,000 ppm

1st: 1,000 ppm

2nd: 5,000 ppm

1st: 0.5% Vol.

2nd: 2.0% Vol.

1st: 0.5% Vol.

2nd: 3.0% Vol.

Sampling Method Diffusion
Indication Accuracy Within ±5 % of full scale (to the gas concentration signal output)
Response Time 90% response (T90) within 60 seconds
Gas Alarm Type Two-step alarm (H-HH)
Alarm Display First: Backlight LED is orange, buzzer

Second: Backlight LED is red, buzzer

Alarm Pattern Auto-reset
Alarm Contact No-voltage contact 1a or 1b and normally de-energized

(energized in response to an alarm)

Display LCD digital display (Five – digit, seven segment / green, orange and red backlight)

*No backlight by standard setting

Trouble Alarm / Self-Diagnosis System abnormalities / sensor connection abnormalities
Trouble Alarm Display Backlight LED flashes orange, buzzer

*No backlight and no buzzer by standard setting

Trouble Alarm Pattern Auto-reset
Relay Contact Rating 125 VAC – 1A or 30 VDC – 1 A (resistance load) 0 VAC ±10% (50/60 Hz) or, 24 VDC ±10%
Approval CE marking standard
Output Signal 4~20 mA DC (no-insulation/load resistance under 300 Ω)
Power Sources 110 VAC ±10% (50/60 Hz) or 24 VDC ±10%
Power Consumption AC specification: Max. 6VA

DC specification: Max. 4W

Operating Temperature 32 ~ 104°F (0 ~ 40ºC) (At a constant conditions)
Operating Humidity Below 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Mounting Equipment Wall mounting type (by using accessory mounting plate or mount at one switch box)

Cable inlet: Up, down and left/right, or rear side

Dimension Body: approx. 3.15”(W) x 4.72”(H) x 1.2”(D) (80(W) x 120(H) x 35.5(D)mm)
Weight AC specification: approx. 7.05 oz (200g), DC specification: approx. 6.34 oz (180g)
Warranty One year materials and workmanship

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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