Oxygen Analyzer for Vacuum and Treatment Electronic Devices

SD/LD-450 Oxygen Analyzer

ld 450 rki instrumentSD/LD-450 is a high performance oxygen analyzer developed for various devices such as vacuum devices on the basis of our longtime reliability and performance in the electronics market. SD/LD-450 is more durable than ever because our own compact zirconia sensor, by which the long-term stable and precise measurement is available, and oxygen sensor protection mechanism are mounted. In addition, SD/LD-450 can be set to more suitable measurement place by separating oxygen sensor from converter and making the converter wall mounting type. This is the best oxygen analyzer for building into various treatment devices with easy operation.

  • Setup layout is flexible. The separated structure of oxygen sensor and thin converter greatly relaxed the limit of installation location.
  • Space saving New developed thin wall mounting type converter resolved the concerns about depth.
  • Super high speed response The shortest response can be achieved by separated sensor.
  • High durable sensor The sensor with special coating realized high durability.
  • Compliant standard Compliant with CE marking, EN61010-1, EN61326-1, and RoHS

Measuring Principal

Toray zirconia oxygen analyzers determine oxygen concentration using the conductivity of a zirconia ceramic cell. Zirconia ceramic cells only allow oxygen ions to pass through at high temperatures. With reference gas on one side and sample gas on the other, oxygen ions move from the side with the highest concentration of oxygen to that with the lowest concentration. The movement of ions generates an Electro Motive Force, which can be measured to determine the oxygen content. This is in accordance with the so-called Nernst Equation.

The LD-450 is a high performance oxygen analyzer designed for monitoring oxygen content from the ppb to the % Volume Oxygen levels. This unique slim-line oxygen converter is provided with a precision zirconia oxygen sensor that can be flange mounted into a vacuum chamber or vacuum line. The oxygen sensor is connected to the LD-450 converter by a standard 2-meter cable. Cable lengths up to 10 meters can be purchased if needed. Available ISO vacuum flange sizes are: NW16, 25, 40 or R3/8 screw. SD 450, LD 450

The SD/LD-45 requires 24VDC power supply.

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