Oxygen Analyzer for 3D Metal Printing

Toray LC-450ALC-450 Oxygen Analyzer

Summary of Features:
• Excellent repeatability and accuracy
• Highly Durable Sensor
• Fast response
• Wide measurement range
• Easy, flexible installation

The Toray LC-450A is a compact oxygen analyzer designed for monitoring oxygen content from low ppm range up to 100% Volume Oxygen.  This analyzer uses a specially treated oxygen sensor for increased durability, high precision and long life.  This compact analyzer is easily mounted in tools for the manufacturing of semiconductor and liquid crystal devices.

The LC-450A oxygen analyzer has a pump driven system for in-line use that requires AC power.   The LC-450D model, powered by DC is also available.

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Type Portable / Panel Mounted
Display system Digital 4 Digits (Concentration Display)
Measurement range 0.1ppm?100vol%O2
Display: Auto range or 4 Ranges
Recorder: 0-10/100/1000ppm/100%
Available for any combination of the following
1/10/100%, 10-20-10-0atm
? 1ppm range and atm range is the reference value
(No guarantee)
Sampling system Continuous Suction by Built-in Pump
Supply gas Approx. 1.5L/min
Gas sensor 60±10mL/min
Gas connection INLET(Sample gas inlet) Rc1/4
BYPASSOUT(Bypass outlet) Rc1/4
OUTLET(Sample gas outlet) Rc1/4
Recorder output External output: DC 0-10 V
DC 4-20 mA
Range marker: BCD, 3 contact outputs (Contact capacity: DC 24 V, 0.3 A)
Reference Gas Atmospheric Gas
Dimensions 210(W)×134(H)×300(D)
Weight Approx. 6kg
Color Mat Coating(Black)
Power supply 100?240VAC (35VA, Stationary time)

Oxygen Analyzer for 3D Metal Printing

Oxygen Analyzer for 3D printingThe Toray LC-45o in an ideal means to monitor Oxygen levels at very low levels, thus providing the control required for the safe and quality controlled manufacturing environment required in 3D Printing systems.

3D Metal Printing takes place in a sealed chamber chamber and requires the chamber to be almost completely vacuumed of Oxygen. These very low levels of Oxygen are required for quality reasons, (the prevention of metal oxidation) and safety (to prevent possible combustion)

More information available on the Toray’s 3D Printing Solution brochure.

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Toray oxygen analyzers have been specifically developed for the application of controlling and monitoring oxygen in the electronic industry.  These analyzer enable the user to measure a wide range of oxygen from the ppb level up to 100% Volume Oxygen.