Service Tips

GX-2009 Filter Replacement & Battery Refresh

The Model GX-2009 Portable Gas Monitor is a very reliable device. However, like all gas monitors, some routine maintenance is required. In addition to routine calibration or bump testing, there are a few other maintenance related issues that need to be considered:

GX-2009 filters disassembled
Scrubber Filters:

There are H2S scrubber filters used to protect the CO and LEL sensors. These filters should be replaced every 12 months, possibly more often in cases where the instrument sees frequent or heavy exposure to H2S or heavy hydrocarbons. There is one H2S scrubber filter for the LEL sensor, and one charcoal scrubber for the CO sensor.

33-7102rk rki instruments piece

33-7102RK Charcoal scrubber filter for CO sensor
Model GX-2009 (pack of 5)

33-7114rk rki instruments part

33-7114RK H2S scrubber filter for LEL sensor
Model GX-2009 (pack of 5)

Sensor Cover

The hydrophobic sensor cover protects the sensors from intrusion of water or particulates. This filter should be replaced as needed when contaminated by fluids or particulates.
33-0172RK Waterproof Sensor Cover, Model GX-2009 (each)

Filter and Cover Combo Sets:

  • 33-7102RK-100 H2S scrubber filter (pack of 100)
  • 33-7117RK-01 Filter set, (includes one H2S scrubber filter/one charcoal filter and one sensor cover filter)
  • 33-7117RK-05 Filter set, 5-pack, Model GX-2009 (includes five H2S scrubber filter/five charcoal filters and five sensor cover filters)
33-0172RK rki equipment

Battery Refresh Cycle

The rechargeable NiMH batteries used in the GX-2009 are generally quite resistant to the “memory” effect associated with rechargeable batteries. The charger for the GX-2009 is a “smart” charger, designed to minimize the possibility of improper charging. However, over time the battery capacity may be diminished depending on how the unit is used and charged. It is recommended that a refresh cycle be performed every six months, or when battery capacity seems to be diminished. Please refer to the GX-2009 Operator’s Manual or Training Video for filter replacement and battery Refresh procedures.