Model AC-2

Photoelectron Spectrometer, manufactured by Riken Keiki


  • Atmospheric pressure operation (unique in the world)
  • Estimate work function, ionization potential, density of states (DOS)
  • Measure thickness of thin films on the material surface (less than 20 nano-meters)
  • Energy selectable UV source
  • Low photo – excitation energy (3.40 – 6.20eV)
  • Compact desktop type
  • Easy sample introduction and removal
  • Full computer control


The Model AC-2 is an instrument for Photoelectron Spectroscopy at atmospheric pressure that is an open counter equipped with an UV source.

The open counter is a unique electron detector, which can be operated in open air, and has been used for photoelectron spectroscopy in the air (PESA). By combining the open counter with an UV source, the AC-2 PESA instrument opens the way to a new dimension in surface analysis.

The model AC-2 has been developed from proven technology and incorporates the latest in digital control electronics producing an easy to use, flexible system suitable for all levels of expertise.

Ordering Info


Please contact Bob Pellissier at
RKI Instruments Headquarters
Toll Free: 800-754-5165 ext. 121