Take the GX-6000 Test Drive

For customers who would like to try the new Benzene GX-6000 before they buy, RKI is offering instruments to evaluate for one week at no cost.  Just complete the form below, and RKI will make arrangements to ship you a GX-6000.  If you test drive the new Benzene Specific GX-6000, the instrument will ship complete with the pre-filter tube holder as well as a box of 10 pre-filter tubes all at no cost.  Evaluate the GX-6000 for one week.  At the end of the evaluation, simply return the instrument with the pre-paid shipping label and complete a short online user experience survey, and you will receive $200 off of the purchase of any version of the GX-6000.



Free Trial of the Benzene GX-6000 Gas Monitor