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Photoelectric Photometry Method with Colorimetric Detection Tab

FP-31 Formaldehyde DetectorA highly sensitive portable gas detectors that uses photoelectric photometry method with colorimetric detection tabs.


Paper Tape

Highly Sensitive Colorimetric Tape Gas Monitors

Paper Tape Gas MonitorsRKIís paper tape monitors utilize highly sensitive colorimetric tapes to achieve interference free detection at low PPB and PPM levels of a wide variety of gases.

Paper Tape Instruments

Toray Oxygen Analyzers

Zirconia Ceramic Cell Sensors

Toray Oxygen AnalyzerExplosion proof housing, patented water repellent sensor coating.

Operates independent of controller. Available for LEL HC, H2S, CO, O2, & ppm HC

Long life sensors (2+ years typical)

Toray Oxygen Analyzers

Photoelectron Spectroscopy

AC-2 Photoelectron Spectrometer

AC-2 Photoelectron Spectrometer

Basic 4-20 mA transmitters for the detection of common gas hazards.
LEL (catalytic), LEL (IR) CH4, LEL (IR) HC, O2, H2S, CO, or CO2 (IR) versions available.


Portable Halocarbon Monitor

R-11, R-12, R-22, R-113, R-114, R-502,
and R-134A

Halocarbon monitorA compact and inexpensive halocarbon monitor for daily use in industrial safety and
atmospheric control applications