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Service Form

Please use one form per instrument
for all repairs including warranty instruments and calibration.

For sensor warranty, please contact RKI for an RMA by email or phone (510) 441-5656

Each instrument sent in for repair must be accompanied by this Service Form. To expedite repair orders, please include a "Not to exceed" dollar amount. Method of payment for all non-warranty repairs to be made by credit card or check prior to instrument return. Failure to provide complete information may delay completion of the repair order.

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Please Note:
  • There is a $85 estimate charge per instrument. Estimate fee is waived if instrument is repaired. Shipping Charges are additional and are generally pre-paid and added to the invoice.
  • All repairs must be accompanied with completed service order form.
  • Payment must be by credit card or check only
  • Do not return compressed gas cylinders with repair.
1. Please print this page and send it with your RKI product(s) to the address below.
3. Ship instrument to: RKI Instruments, Attn: Repair Dept, 33248 Central Ave., Union City, CA 94587