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Data Cal 2000

Docking and Calibration Station

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Data Cal 2000 calibration stationThe RKI Data Cal 2000 Docking and Calibration Station is a comprehensive instrument management system which provides charging, downloading, calibration, bump testing, and configuration for our Model GX-2009, GX-2003 and GX-2001 gas detection instruments. The system has configuration capabilities for alarm setting, datalog and calibration interval, user and location ID, and many other instrument parameters. Factory and user default settings are available for upload to instruments. The Data Cal 2000 is supplied with PC software, power and serial cords, and operating instructions. The Data Cal 2000 power requirements are 115VAC, 50/60Hz. PC or laptop to be supplied by customer.


  • Automated instrument management for the GX-2001, GX-2003, and GX-2009
  • Simultaneously service up to 10 instruments
  • Calibrations, bump tests, and data downloads automatically performed and archived
  • Manage instruments and archive records by serial #, user ID, or station ID
  • Services are automatic, on-demand, or custom intervals
  • Each docking module equipped with built-in flow control and status indicators
  • Approaching and past due service prompts
  • Alkaline recognition
  • Single exhaust line for all instruments
  • 5 inlet ports for separate gas mixtures
  • Automatic quick charge in 90 minutes or less
  • Create and save a list of common gas mixtures
  • Automatic tracking of cylinder expiration
  • Save factory and user default configurations for uploading to instruments
  • Password protect configuration controls
  • Records are easily exportable as CSV data
  • Software is Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP compatible
  • Operates on any Pentium II or higher PC
Station & Modules
81-DC2000 Data Cal 2000 docking station, includes station, power cord, serial cable, & PC software CD
81-DC2000-01 Data Cal 2000 docking station, includes station, power cord, serial cable, PC software CD
81-DM2001 Docking Module for GX-2001
81-DM2003 Docking Module for GX-2003
81-DM2009 Docking Module for GX-2009
Calibration Gases & Regulators
81-0154RK-02 LEL CH4/02/CO/H2S, 58L
81-0155RK-02 LEL Hexane/02/CO/H2S, 58L
81-0090RK-03 LEL CH4/02/CO, 103L
81-0089RK-03 LEL Hexane/02/CO, 103L
81-0013RK-05 50% Vol. CH4, 58L
81-0151RK-02 H2S/N2, 58L
81-0078RK-03 100% N2, 103L
81-1054RK Demand Flow Regulator


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