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Calibration Equipment


Calibration Station for GX-2009

Calibration Station for GX-2009 A single module calibration station for the GX-2009 with advanced features for charging, calibration, bump testing, and archiving data.
Multi module system and can be connected to a PC for automated calibration, bump test, data archiving.

Stand Alone Calibration Station


Calibration Station for GX-2012 and Gas Tracer

SDM-2012 Calibration Station
A single module calibration station for the GX-2012 and Gas Tracer portable gas monitors that can calibrate, bump test, charge, and archive data.

Stand Alone Calibration Station


Stand Alone Calibration Station

Eagle 2 Calibration StationA single module calibration station for the Eagle 2 portable gas monitor that can calibrate, bump test, charge, and archive data.


Cal Kits

Calibration Kits for Portable and Fixed

Multi-Port Power Adapter
RKI is pleased to offer our Calibration Kit Datasheet to help our customers select the correct calibration equipment for their needs. Each RKI gas monitor is listed with the available calibration equipment including photos of the parts needed. It also includes a chart to match cylinders with the correct regulators and cases. Cal Kit PDF


Regulators are necessary equipment used to accurately deliver calibration gas from a cylinder to an instrument. Each regulator is designed to fit on a specific set of cylinders.

Most of the RKI regulators are designed for non refillable cylinders. There are two common fittings these regulators use to connect to the non refillable cylinders. One common fitting is a CGA 600 connection and fits on the 17 (no part number suffix) & 34 (-01 part number suffix) liter steel cylinders.

The second common fitting is the 5/8 x 18 UNF fitting which connects to the 29, 34, & 58 liter aluminum cylinders (-04 & -02 part number suffix) and the 58 & 103 liter steel cylinders (-05 & -03 part number suffix).

Make sure the regulator you purchase fits the cylinder you have.


Demand Flow Regulator

81-1054RK regulator


Regulator with gauge & knob

81-1051RK regulator
0.5 LPM flow rate


Regulator with gauge & no knob

81-1004RK regulator
0.5 LPM flow rate


Dispensing Valve
No flow control

81-1001RK regulator


Regulator no gauge or knob

81-1003RK regulator
0.5 LPM flow


Regulator w/ gauge & knob

81-1050RK regulator
0.5 LPM flow

Gas Cylinders

RKI has over 150 different cylinders available.

Complete listing of available cylinders with part numbers

gas cylinders

Gas Cylinder Holders

Bring some order to your calibration cylinders with these new calibration cylinder holders. Once cylinders have a regulator connected, they become top heavy and easily topple over. With RKI’s new cylinder holders, you can secure your cylinder either free standing or mounted to a wall or bench.

There are holders available to accommodate the following three cylinder sizes: 58L aluminum cylinder, 103L steel cylinder, as well as the 17/34L steel and 34L aluminum cylinders.  Holders include mounting holes on bottom and back, and are also supplied with velcro for easy installation.
Cylinder Holders

Get yours today with the ordering information below:
Part Number   Description
 81-1500RK  Calibration cylinder holder for 58L steel or 58L aluminum
 81-1501RK  Calibration cylinder holder for 103L steel
 81-1502RK  Calibration cylinder holder for 17/34L steel or 34L aluminum