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Rate your experiences in the past 6 months with RKI for each question on a scale of 1 to 5, as follows:

5 = Excellent

4 = Above average

3 = Average

2 = Below average

1 = Poor

NA = Not Applicable

If a score is a 3 or less, please provide a comment on line 28, “Comments or suggestions”

1. RKI Customer Service is available when I call.

2. RKI Customer Service is easy to work with.

3. RKI Customer Service personnel are knowledgeable about the product line.

4. RKI Regional Reps are easy to get a hold of.

5. I find RKI Regional Reps to be a valuable resource.

6. RKI Technical Sales (Applications) personnel understand my needs and are helpful.

7. When I call RKI, I am able to speak to someone and get the assistance I need.

8. RKI products are available when I need them.

9. My shipments from RKI are normally complete with no errors or items missing.

10. My orders are consistently delivered on time.

11. RKI’s Web site provides the information I need.

12. RKI’s price list provides the information I need.

13. RKI’s Distributor Announcements effectively communicate sales and marketing information.

14. RKI’s marketing materials, tools and information are thorough and useful.

15. RKI’s Repair / Service Department is responsive and knowledgeable.

16. RKI repairs are performed in a timely manner.

17. Repairs performed by RKI are of good quality and complete.

18. RKI’s products are easy to use.

19. Please rate the overall quality of the RKI products.

20. Please rate the overall quality of RKI Application / Sales support.

21. Please rate the overall quality of RKI technical assistance.

22. Please rate the overall quality of RKI services and products.

23. How does RKI rate overall compared to your other vendors?

24. Are you receiving Distributor Announcements from RKI?



If not, would you like to?



25. What do your other gas detection vendors do well that RKI does not?

26. What new products should RKI offer?

27. What can RKI do to improve?

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